And they’re off!

15 Mar

So Monday, despite feeling vaguely ill (totally unrelated, I promise) we did it! What is it? Right. Maybe some pictures will help …

A handful of invitations!

Oh yes, that is me and a handful of the Lox invites in front of a post office! That can only mean one thing…

There goes the last one!There goes the last invite off into the world. And then…

All gone!…they were gone. The Lox invitations started arriving at their final destinations today, if my emails are any indication. So that means that it’s time for us to finally have a look.

I mean, after they’ve all had a bit more mailing time that is. We’ll cover what our guests saw first in my next post!

Have you mailed your invites yet? How did you feel when the last one was gone?


One Response to “And they’re off!”

  1. Kelly March 16, 2011 at 6:28 am #

    EEEEEE Exciting

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