Wrapping it up

25 Mar

Today we’re rounding out the invitation talk by taking a look at the belly bands. These were another element that I DIY-ed for the invites. First I should admit something. I didn’t even know what a belly band was until I found you all. Of course, I also didn’t know about pocketfolds or the wonderful world of   paper. So, consider yourselves instrumental in my education.

Anyway, back to the belly bands. I knew I loved them, and I knew I wanted them. They give such a finished polished look in my opinion. But I also knew I didn’t want to buy them. Which left me, my cardstock, my paper trimmer, and my nonexistent design skills. Alone together again.

This time I took a stab at things on my own. Using the monogram I had made and a wingding heart font, I pieced this together and printed them out on 80 lb white cardstock.

Uncut sheet of belly bandsOne by one I cut them apart with the paper cutter. (Because I can’t cut in a straight line to save my soul. That’s the truth.)

Starting to cut the belly bands apartUntil I had a whole stack of them ready to go.

Belly bands ready to goThe next step (which I unfortunately don’t have a picture of) was to secure the bands around the invitations. To do that I centered the graphic on the front of the invitation and folded both sides around to the back. Where the ends overlapped, I took an adhesive runner and ran a single strip of adhesive from the top of one end to the bottom, then secure the other and on tops of it. And that was that… the belly band was secured around the invite, but could be easily slid off if desired.

Ta da! Finished productSorry, that one turned out a little yellow for some reason. But you get the picture. Anyway, to me, these just made the entire package look a little more finished. And,o f course, I loved the opportunity to use our monogram again.

Do you plan on using any special touches on your invitations?


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