License to Wed

27 Mar

Now that we’re under the two month mark, I swear to you, I think of something new at least once a week. And every time I do, it’s a freaking crisis. Like OMGMr.LoxwehavetodothisRIGHTNOW! Needless to say, Mr. Lox wishes I would stop thinking of things I haven’t already written down somewhere. So would I, but that’s the way the wedding cake crumbles!

However, two weeks ago I thought of something that we should both be very glad I remembered. That’s right, our marriage license. You know, tiny little important detail without which the purpose of the day isn’t complete (!!!). So I decided to research what we needed to do to make this happen.

Before I go into what happened next, you should know that although I’ve been married before, it was never in the state of Maryland. So you’re going to have to forgive me for this.

I already knew I needed to go to the courthouse. And I already knew the courthouse has hours that exactly mimic our jobs. So I knew some time off was in order to make this happen. No problem, you know, just take an hour or two off and the whole thing will be over. Right? Not so much. I mean, yes, we both needed to take time off . But here’s a fun fact… Mr. Lox and I live in the city. And the Vandiver, our lovely wedding venue, is aaaaaaaall the way up in Harford County. (You already see this coming. I know you do.) And the wedding license has to be procured from the Harford County Courthouse. Which is about an hour away. Way to go Loxy.

So instead of an hour or two, we each took half a day and trekked up north to git ‘er done. After some minor snafus with parking, and a bit of crabbiness from me (because I was unknowingly coming down with strep throat it seems) we located the building and did what had to be done. There was no wait and we sat down immediately with a nice lady who would get us all set up. We were sworn in, gave her all of our information, and $40 later we had a marriage license!

We can get married now!Somehow that makes it seem more real. Have you done the research so you know what it takes to get a marriage license where you’re getting married?


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