Time to face the music

29 Mar

So, I feel like we’ve talked about pretty much everything *but* our ceremony lately, and that makes me sad. I remember that our officiant was one of the very first vendors we booked. And when e met with her, I told her that my main priority was to create a meaningful and personal ceremony. And the ceremony was at the forefront of my priorities because it alone is the reason for the entire day. And I meant it. And I still do.

So I want to start a series of posts about how we’re making the ceremony portion of our day as special as we can. And the start of that is the music.

Mr. Lox and I are having a DJ for both the ceremony and the reception. We wanted a string quartet…. I mean, right up until we priced out a string quartet. I have to tell you, that is too rich for this budget bride’s pocketbook. So I reasoned with myself, a DJ is the next best thing. I mean, we were largely after string arrangements of contemporary music. And DJs have access to a whole host of things fitting that description. Plus the DJ was an incredibly reasonable rate for the entire day. Reasonable you say? What’s reasonable to you Miss Lox? Fair question. Reasonable to me was $700 for the entire day. He fit my budget and won my heart. And that was that.

But what is he playing? This is where Mr. Lox and I decided to have some fun.

As our guests arrive, our DJ will be playing traditional classical music. Very low key, very unassuming. Nothing unexpected. And that will continue until the last song in our prelude. Which should come right about at our start time. And will, hopefully unexpectedly, be this…

That ought to wake them up. From there we’re right into the processional. First it will be our officiant, then Mr. Lox, then Momma Lox, and finally MIL Lox. They will all come down the aisle to this…

Then hopefully we’ll have a lovely dramatic pause to go with our change of music, before I head down the aisle (yes, still alone) to this…

Why that song for my trip down the aisle? I’m so glad you asked. See even though I don’t remind you all often, this will be  my third marriage and Mr. Lox’s second. And to do it, for the (second or) third freakin’ time, you really can’t stop believing. Consider it our nod to who we are and the fact that we believe you should never give up hope. 🙂

How did you pick your own processional music? Was it personal significance or religious/venue requirement? Or both?


One Response to “Time to face the music”

  1. Cheryl March 30, 2011 at 8:29 pm #

    For us I knew I didn’t want ‘traditional’, but I did want some sort of piano song for when I walked down the aisle. I ended up buying Coldplay’s new CD, fell in love with Postcards From Far Away, and I was lucky enough to also find their other song Reign of Love which tied in.

    Everything else was just our favourite music. Or my favourite music haha. It had to be quieter, different, etc. For the recessional, more upbeat, but also stuff that most people haven’t heard before.

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