And they’re off!

7 Apr

Last week, my DOC was getting started on my timeline so she had some questions. And one of those was, are we having a final send off? Now let me tell you something here. We are getting pretty close to the one month mark. So like the good Type A bride I am, there are very few questions I can’t answer. In fact, I’ve got details, ideas, and other minutia coming out of my ears. And yet, this one stumped me. So I asked Mr. Lox… are we?

Let’s pause for a moment to remember some details about our wedding. We are having an afternoon affair that will begin and end in broad daylight. So sparkler send-offs are right out. Also, our venue has outlawed anything with glitter or confetti. Basically, the only thing we’re allowed to throw around are real flower petals. That was never an option for us since it gets kind of pricey and we are still on a budget.

Okay, back to the story at hand. Now, early in our wedding planning I found the hive. And you guys taught me about little flags and ribbon wands. I absolutely adore the little flags a la Mrs. Stripes… but I can’t sew to save my soul. Not even a little. Ya’ll, I take clothes to the dry cleaner to have button re-attached. Not lying here. So the flags? Really not going to happen. That leaves us with the ribbon wands. And waaaaay back at the beginning of planning I mentioned them to Mr. Lox. I was excited! It was something we could have! Right up until Mr. Lox said no. And I’ve been trying to let them go ever since.

But when I asked mr. Lox about the send off, his bad memory came to my rescue. Suddenly he was pro sendoff. And what’s more? Ribbon wands were IN! Hooray!!!

So, without further ado, I present to you a tutorial for the easiest ribbon wands ever. And it all starts with this…

Ribbon Wand Materials

The materials I used for this project.

  • 12” long dowels that are 3/16” diameter
  • 4 colors of sheer ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

First I measured out and cut the ribbon into 36” lengths. Also, I’m a lazy bones. I measured one 36” length and then used it as a template to cut all of the rest. After I was done, I had this…

Cut ribbons

That would be 20 pieces each of the 4 different colors. Next I grabbed one of each color and lined them up like so…

Four Ribbons

Very scientific you see. Now hang on here comes the “hard” part. I tied the ribbon onto the dowel like so…

Ribbons tied on dowel

Yeah, that’s really it. The sheer ribbon I used was fairly rough in texture, so the knot holds very well. And by tying it tightly, I was able to forgo glue and do the whole project on my couch, as you can tell from the pictures. I don’t think other types of ribbon would be quite so simple so I kind of lucked out here.

How do they look you ask?

Ribbon wands!

Heh…. Poor Mr. Lox. He had just gotten back from a workout when I asked him to be my Vanna White for ribbon wands. First I made him stand still and hold them. Then I told him to wave them energetically.  He’s such a trooper!

Ribbon Wand Muppet Wig

That is what 40 ribbon wands in a glass vase look like. For the record, Mr. Lox says they look like a muppet wig. Muppets aside, these are one of my very favorite DIY projects so far. Now I’m just hoping people stick around for the send off so I can see them all in action. Yay ribbon wands!

What was your easiest DIY? Or, what kind of sendoff are you planning?


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