Showered with Love

18 Apr

Once upon a time, I told you all that I wouldn’t be having a shower. I mean, I’m an encore, I’m 33, and Mr. Lox and I have so much stuff between us that we have a storage unit because it won’t all fit in our apartment. So, no shower. Done.

Right. Except no one gave my coworkers the memo. I tried to deliver it multiple times, but they would have none of it. As far as they were concerned, it was their only chance to celebrate our marriage and they were going to have it, by golly. I told them there was no reason to bother. They laughed at me. Then I told them no gifts, and they ignored me. Instead, they put together one of the sweetest things I’ve ever had coworkers do for me. I was floored.

First, there was tons of food. i mean, they really had a great spread. And then,t here was the cake. Made by the yummiest bakery anywhere near me. I mean, you guys,this is some serious cake.

I know, it's a cake!Look at the flowers in our wedding colors! So thoughtful!

And then there was the thing I tried to stop them from doing. In fact, I tried so hard I didn’t give them any ideas on what I would want. I said nothing. And they knew better than to ask. But this happened anyway…

Present openingPresent openingThat is me trying to get the cool tag off without breaking a ribbon while the whole room jeered and joked. I was victorious by the way. And eventually I got the whole package opened.

I know, it's a mixer!Now let me tell you a little story. About 6 months ago, we were talking about holiday baking at work. And I told the sad tale of the KitchenAid mixer my ex-MIL had given me when her son and I were married. when we decided to divorce, I predicted the first words out of her mouth would be instructions to seize the mixer from me. He disagreed. Seeing as I am now receiving this mixer, you know what she did. Too bad we didn’t place money on it.

Anyway, the sweet part of the story is that I mentioned this once, in passing, at least 6 months ago. And my coworkers remembered and decided to buy me this mixer of my very own. I almost cried. For reals.

But no one wants to see a grown woman blubber… so instead, we cut the cake!

Cutting the cakePlease take a moment here to appreciate not only the delicious cake and seriously generous gift, but the fact that they purchased totally coordinating paper  our wedding colors.

So, there you have it. Now you all know why I love my job. It’s because I work with people who do things like this. Even for a gal’s third wedding. They are kind, and generous, and just all around good and I’ve been bowled over by their generosity all weekend every time I think about this. So yeah, I made them a thank you card and made over 100 cake pops to take into work today to express my gratitude. and that’s the story of the wedding shower that shouldn’t have ever been… but I’m so spoiled that it was anyway.

Did you get a shower from an unexpected place? And don’t I have the most awesome coworkers ever?


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