Ring Around my Finger

20 Apr

The search for my wedding band was oddly difficult. Unlike Mr. Lox, I knew exactly what I wanted when we set out. And it wasn’t exotic or crazy so it shouldn’t have been hard to find. At least, that was my logic. That was not, however, the reality of the situation. (Come on, you saw that coming. An easy transaction wouldn’t make for a very good blog post, now would it?)

I wanted a channel set princess cut band in white gold. so far, so good. And I wanted the diamonds to start and stop more or less where the channel set princess stones on my engagement ring do.  Initial shopping trips indicated this would amount to roughly a .5 tcw band. You probably already spotted the problem in there… the starting and stopping matching up. Yeah… that was a rough one.

The search kind of went pear-shaped quickly. and to make matters even worse, our budget crisis occurred just as we were starting to shop. Meaning that all of a sudden we had to totally slash the budget for my ring. I would love to pretend I took that well, but I’d be lying. The truth is, I resented it. Big time. Especially since I had bought Mr. Lox a rather expensive (for what it was) band because it was what he truly wanted. And now,the reality was that what I wanted was irrelevant because we were short on cash. I’m going to go back to pretending this never happened now, if it’s all the same to you. Back to ring hunting we go!

Enter our very own Miss Crepe, who gave me the idea to seek out a jeweler. What I wanted could be custom designed to meet my specifications exactly. Which, to me, sounded even more expensive. But it was quite the opposite. So with the seed planted in our little minds, we went off to a jeweler.

And you guys, we lucked out. Not only did I get more than I expected, but for less than we ever expected to pay. Miss Crepe didn’t steer me wrong… this was clearly the way to go.  so, without further ado, I present to you….. my wedding band!

Rings on my handDon’t you just love the way everything looks just after it’s been cleaned? And one more for the road…

Sparkly ringsHave you started hunting for your wedding bands yet? How is shopping going (or how did it go) for you?


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