Let’s Talk Numbers

22 Apr

Mr. Lox and I finally have the complete set of numbers to give to the venue. So I thought, in the interest of full disclosure, that I would share them here. I’m going to limit our discussion to the adults we invited. As we’ve discussed before, we invited everyone’s children. However, a lot of folks chose to leave the young ones at home, so including the children in our numbers doesn’t give an accurate sense of our acceptance rate. And honestly, I’m pretty pleased with where we landed so I wanted you all to get a solid idea of it.

Here we go!

Total # invited: 70
OOT Guests: 9
“Local” Guests: 61
Total # of Invitations Sent: 40

Local is in quotations for a reason. Our wedding is an hour away from our house and at least that far away from the majority of our local guests. So even though they are all in this general vicinity, everyone is putting up with a bit of a drive to share in this day with us.

Total # of RSVPs Received: 34
OOT Declines: 6
“Local” Declines: 14
OOT Accepts: 3
“Local” Accepts: 47

Total Number of Meals we will be providing: 50 adults (+2 for Mr.x Lox and me!), 8 children, and 5 vendors

Yes, there are 6 RSVP cards I simply never received. Those stragglers have been hunted down and answers have been extracted. But let’s talk about the ugly for a moment. The majority of the non-responders were my family. And I have to tell you, I expected to have to hunt people. I did NOT expect to have to hunt down my grandmother, for example. And did I know she probably wasn’t coming? Yes, yes I did. Was I hurt? I won’t lie… a little. But I’d always known this was likely to happen due to my issues with her son (both of my parents are only children, so we’re not talking uncles here folks). However, I was still hurt that not only could she not still be there for *me*, but that she felt that since she wasn’t coming there was no need to send in the card. I know, I know… and I’m working on building the bridge and getting over it. Maybe one of these days that will work out for me. 😉

Let’s not end on a sour note. Our original projections to the venue and our baker was 60-65 people. We set our minimum low at the venue so we didn’t get stuck with extra costs. We told them 50 and they set the minimum at 45. Those totals are all for full-price adult guests. We came in at 52 adults. Including ourselves, we hit 60 guests total with 52 adults and 8 children. Additionally we will be providing 5 vendor meals. (Important distinction because vendors and children are half price!)

So there it is, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Luckily for us, mostly good. Have you gotten through the RSVP gauntlet yet? How did you fare?


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