Trials and Tribulations – The Makeup Version

25 Apr

So the other trial I had this weekend was my makeup trial. I know… busy busy!

Unlike my hair trial, I didn’t go in armed with inspiration pictures. I did show her pictures of my dress and give her a general idea of what I was looking for. Basically, I want to look polished and have my skin look fantastic. I’d like a sort of natural look but with some oomph to the eyes. And of course, I had to go in bare-faced.

Here’s the deal. I know you all love a confident woman. And I’m totally cool with who I am. But who I am is a chick who doesn’t leave the house without a little bit of makeup at the very least. So what I’m showing you here is a testament to my love for you all. And visual proof of why I wear makeup even to the grocery store.

Makeup-less LoxRight then. If we can just forget that ever happened, I’d be grateful. Moving right along…

I had her take pictures at her house at different points but what I really wanted was to get home and get a picture in the same spot and the same lighting as my makeup-less picture was. So I hurried home and we got this…

All made upNow let’s analyze. My skin looks fantastic. The lipstick is good. But outside of her house, I’m thinking my eyes are not… enough. I also think I might like a little pink in my cheeks instead of just bronzer. Honestly, it’s okay. This is why we have trials. But I have to figure out how exactly to fix it. And to be even more honest, if I were already great with makeup, I wouldn’t be outsourcing this.

So hive, I need a little help. What can I tell her to get my eyes punched up a bit more? I’m thinking my brows need to be filled in more. (The makeup-less photo clearly illustrates why I don’t leave the house without applying brow powder. Ever.) My lashes need to be more prominent. We already discussed some individual lashes though. Do you all think going that direction would help? What about more eyeliner? And will it all hold if I’m a crier? Because I totally am. (She says the lashes will hold. What about the liner?)

You guys, you’ve already helped me so much. Can you give me just a few makeup words so I can properly ask for what I’m after here? I think I’m seriously lacking lingo. 😉


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