Fan me darling!

26 Apr

Hive, let’s take a moment to let me freak out. My wedding…. it’s getting CLOSE. Ya’ll can see I’m a May bride right? I mean, I’m less than a month away. So now I’m working on those last minute things… some of them more last minute than others. And as I get frenzied, I am hoping to keep up with you all. But if I don’t quite hold up my end of the bargain, you know where I am right? Right.

So back to the details… program fans were something I’ve been set on since I can’t even remember when. I was just fixated really. Initially, I hunted down templates all over the web. And each one was kind of worse than the last. Then I decided to just use 2 8.5×11″ pieces of cardstock. You know that was too big right? Yeah, so do I. Now. So I got a little desperate and the hive came to the rescue. Specifically the fine bees in this thread. Thanks ladies!

In case you were wondering, the final solution was to use one piece of 8.5×11″ cardstock… cut in half. And so I was ready to go. And here is the skinny on how I did it.

Step 1

Attempt to design program fan. And suddenly realize you are, in fact, not a graphic designer. In fact, not even close. Even worse, you don’t actually know what to put on a program at all. Panic. No really…. PANIC. Hey, we all have our moments.

Now, calm the heck down already, this is an easy fix. Go running straight to Mrs. Dolphin over at Gator Bride Designs. She is not only a graphic designer but a darn tootin’ good one. Cry on her shoulder and let her make an amazing suggestion for stuff to include. (Oh hello lovely quote. I’ve been dying to include you in my day, but for some reason did not think about putting you on my programs. Good thing other people can still think straight!)

Seriously, Mrs. Dolphin is my wonder woman and graphic design diva. The lady took my weird ramblings, gave me an awesome idea, and then designed me a program. All I had to do was write the check. I’m pretty good at that one. Step one accomplished!

program printed outDesign courtesy of Gator Bride Designs – Terrible badly colored photography all mine. Don’t judge Mrs. Dolphin by my bad photography!

Step 2

Use your paper trimmer to cut out all of the pieces. I advise you to not attempt this all in one night. I also advise you not to take my example. Apparently even with a paper cutter I can’t necessarily cut in a straight line. Whatevs. I got control of the situation. You’ll see.

Trimmed out programI saved a good one for the picture. šŸ˜‰

Step 3

Take the wooden craft sticks you magically already purchased and stick them to the program backs. I’ve heard hot glue is good for this. Personally, I used an adhesive runner I already had for scrapbooking and other projects. In my case it wasn’t particularly relevant because of the rest of the adhesive I used. You’ll see that in a minute.

You might also choose to paint the craft sticks (ok ok, glorified popsicle sticks and/or tongue depressors… but sold at Michaels). If you’re me, you might not. It’s all up to personal style, and how much effort you are feeling like investing in this.

Adhere this!

Step 4

Figure out how you’re going to stick the front of the program to the back, thereby making a popsicle stick sandwich. In my case, the answer was clear. I ran the program fronts through my Xyron Creatopoia, and then stuck everything together. Very scientific this is. Sticking stuff together. Oh yes.

On a more helpful front, I could have also used my trusty adhesive runner, but it would have taken longer. And I’m fundamentally lazy.

There is also a hidden step here. I won’t number it because I’m currently pretending it didn’t happen. But you might also want a good pair of crafty scissors. Preferably the teflon coated kind that cut through adhesive like it’s their business. Because it is. Why? Because you may in fact not be so great at sticking things together in straight lines. But a few snips here and af ew snips there, and no one has to know but you. Well, and anyone you tell on the internet. Not that I would know anything about that. nope, not me.

Ready to stick!

Step 5

Admire your handiwork. Also, fan yourself repeatedly. You know, just to make sure they work and all. šŸ˜‰

Ta da!

Okay on a more serious note, I have kind of fallen for these little fans. I’m glad I stuck to my guns. And I’m even gladder I outsourced the graphic design portion of the program. Now, not only do they look fantastic, but thanks to Mrs. Dolphin’s suggestion, they have my new favorite wedding quote on them. Victory!

Are you having programs? What did you put in them?


One Response to “Fan me darling!”

  1. Kelly April 28, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    So cute, I am struggling on whether to add these to my list or not… 100 days for me..

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