Thanks for Visiting

1 May

No no, not you all. I mean, I’m glad you’re here and all. But today I’m talking about thanking those guests who are choosing to come a longer way and stay overnight with us at the inn. So Mr. Lox and I chose to make out of town bags for them. Okay, maybe that’s’ not exactly how it went. Perhaps to be more accurate, I should say that I decided to make OOT bags and Mr. Lox supported me like he almost always does.

Making the OOT bags was something I knew I ‘d do as soon as we knew we’d have OOt guests. And, truth be told, we don’t have many. But I still thought it would be nice. So that decision was simple. What wasn’t simple? Was deciding what they should look  like and what should be in them!

After many iterations of what these would look  like, they ended up like this.

OOT Bag Contents

Starting with the bag on the left and going clockwise, this is what we have:

  • Mini tote bag decorated with our monogram
  • Chocolate truffles and squares
  • Bottles of water with personalized labels, made by Mrs. Dolphin at Gator Bride Designs
  • 2 bags of assorted chips, pretzels, and cheese curls
  • Do not disturb door hanger by Thoughtfully Designed
  • Slippers in assorted colors

Not pictured but also in the bags are a cherry flavored lollipop shaped like a crab (yay Maryland!) and a card telling guests how to access our photo sharing website.

Want to see close ups of the fun stuff?

Water BottlesHow could I resist a close up of these water bottles with custom labels? Mrs. Dolphin did such a nice job with them.

Door HangersAren’t these awesome? Thanks to Laura at Thoughtfully Designed for customizing these and rushing the order to me. 🙂

On more word on these bags. Originally I had planned on one bag per room, regardless of the number of guests in each room. However, I ordered mini tote bags by accident. So the plan was revised to have one bag per guest. however, each room still only gets 1 door hanger. So, to make sure the right combination of bags gets to each room, I tied the bags together (when there were 2 guests per room) and attached a tag to them. On the back of the tag, I wrote the last name(s) of the guests, like so.

OOT Bags Paired Up

Hopefully that works!

So that is the Lox OOT bags. In an upcoming post, we can talk about how I made the monogrammed totes. 🙂

Are you having guests from out of town? Will you be providing welcome gifts?


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