For the Love of Little Children

5 May

So as I’ve mentioned a few times before, there will, in fact, be children at our wedding. We could go over tons of reasons why and why not to have children at a wedding. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer or decision there. We decided to let them be there because I simply hated the idea that someone we love would miss our wedding because they couldn’t find a babysitter. So there it is. Children will be there.

That doesn’t mean I like the idea of bored kids running around, making noise at inappropriate times, or photobombing us. I do like the idea of kids dancing, having fun, and not being bored so their parents have to leave early. So, dear hive, what is the best way to keep children from getting bored? Give them something to do! This was the one project Mr. Lox has wanted since we first started wedding planning. And since he really hasn’t asked for much throughout this process, he was always destined to get his way here. So I started dreaming up ideas for activities for the children.

And we came up with this…

Children's Activity Bag

Starting with the bag and going clockwise, these have:

  • A mini tote personalized with each child’s name – I made these using the same instructions as the monogrammed totes, but I cut out each individual letter so it wouldn’t be weird. Girl’s name are in pink, boy’s names are in orange. ( I am NOT forgetting this again. The totes were purchased from Amazon.)
  • A little plastic slinky
  • A small container of playdough
  • One of our ribbon wands
  • A coloring/activity book – This was made from a template passed on to me by our very own SarahLynne. I changed the names to ours, printed it out, punched holes, and tied it up with ribbon.
  • Crayons
  • A mini puzzle – This one was only for the older kids as it’s not really younger kid friendly.

So, it’s not huge nor is it chock full of goodies. However, I’m hoping it’s enough to keep the children occupied when they get bored of dancing and hopefully keep their parents around for a little while longer!

Are you having children at your wedding? Did you come up with a plan to keep them occupied and happy?


One Response to “For the Love of Little Children”

  1. PsyDet May 6, 2011 at 8:11 pm #

    Those totes are ADORABLE! We are just having our flower girl (FI’s 1.5 year old niece) and our ringbearer (FI’s 2.5 year old nephew) at our wedding. Seeing these totes made me think of making two for them 🙂

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