I Solemnly Vow…

13 May

You guys, we are 2 days out from the day. 2! Days! So pardon my utter insanity, pretty please?

One of the things we decided to do for our ceremony was to write our own vows. Or rather, I suggested it and Mr. Lox was on board. I’ve never done this before so I’d like to share the experience with you and perhaps help you from falling into the same trap that I did.

Obviously I read wedding blogs. And so I’ve read multiple times about people writing their own vows. I had visions or us telling each other how much the other means to us, why we love them, and what we promise for the rest of our lives. I did not, however, communicate any of that to Mr. Lox. Now, Mr. Lox does NOT read wedding blogs. After all, why should he when he has me? 😉 So when I said, “Let’s do our own vows!” he had something quite different in mind.

Then we decided it would be super romantic to keep the vows a surprise. You can see what’s coming right?

Mr. Lox sent his vows to the officiant last week, just a day or two before I was ready to send mine. I had about half a page typed that I was still refining a bit. And after he sent his, I had a horrible feeling. A feeling that these two sets of vows were not going to match up. So I asked him, without revealing the content, if he could give me an idea of the structure.

Remember the half a page I had written? He had 7 lines which would take him, by his estimation, roughly 12 seconds to recite. Now, I could have done a few things here. I could have started a “discussion” about the vows. I could have just written super short vows myself. But did I do either of those things? No. In fact, I’m actually proud of what I did next. I realized I had never given the guy any direction at all as to what I was envisioning. So I told him I thought we had different expectations and we just talked about it. He didn’t realize what I was after. When I said something, he offered to beef his up and resubmit. (What a great guy!)

So now, according to the officiant, our vows are comparable. And they are final.

Now comes the fun part. I am now absolutely terrified of reading them at our wedding. What I wrote is all true and is full of everything I wanted to convey to Mr. Lox on our big day. However, when I was writing I was only thinking of him and not the other folks who will be watching us do this. I’m not sure I can get it out without blushing and crying. I’m going to attempt to believe this kind of stage fright is charming. Please don’t attempt to convince me otherwise.

So, are you writing your owns vows? If so, how did you make it work?


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