Mooning with my Honey – Part 2

20 Jun

So,aside from relaxing, we did actually do some cool stuff on our honeymoon. I mean, we were in Costa Rica after all!

Our second day there we went on a hiking and ziplining tour. When we showed up for the early tour there was only one other couple going with us… our friends from the resort! (Psssst! Hi there guys!) Instead of telling you about it, let me just show you.

Loxes all geared up and ready to go!

SlothNot Mrs. Sloth, but definitely a sloth!

Okay okay, so I shouldn’t have rotated the camera at the end there. But otherwise, how awesome is that!

Stuck in a tree with our new friends!Look, it’s Weddingbee in a tree! Or part of the hive at least. 😉

In the coming days we hiked around waterfalls.

Loxes at Waterfall

Walked on beaches…

Marina Ballena

Listened to monkeys (those are seriously monkeys, not dogs. Howler monkeys!)…

Went horseback riding…

Mr Lox on horseback

And ate fantastic food.

Mr Lox w/dessertBut eventually, it was time to come home, and even the jungle was sad to see us go…

Yeah, that sound is pouring rain. It didn’t do that much on our honeymoon but the day we left that’s what we woke up to. But, we got home safe and sound so that I could make it here to tell you all about our wedding! And I promise, that bit is next. 🙂

So, this turned out to be our favorite vacation so far. What is your favorite vacation?


One Response to “Mooning with my Honey – Part 2”

  1. Kelly June 21, 2011 at 3:44 pm #

    one word…. jealous

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