Third time’s a charm

6 Jul

Before I start my recaps (no, I haven’t forgotten them!) I want to take a moment to get real with you all. Not that I’ve ever been anything else… but this is something I need to say.

You all know this is my third marriage. As in, I’m already divorced…. twice. Right. Third marriage. You all get it.

So here’s the thing. More than once in the past year, I’ve wondered what people must think of me. After all, some of these folks came to my first wedding. And some of the same folks showed up at the open house we had after my second husband and I eloped in St. Lucia. Some of these folks must wonder where I got off having an event for my third wedding.

When it got towards the end, I was all over the place emotionally. And finally I sat down with one of my oldest and dearest friends and told her what I was feeling. It was a good choice I made. What she told me that day still makes me cry. So pardon my tears while I tell you what happened.

My friend told me that it didn’t matter that it was my third wedding. She told me that she, and in fact all of my friends, knew this was different. They’d seen Mr. Lox and I together and they knew that this was where I belonged. That this was the right thing. That this was worth celebrating. And that this was the only one that mattered. They were excited to be by my side at this, my third wedding. Because they knew that this time, I had forever.

Over the next week or so, I checked in with all of my closest girls. My friend was right…. they all felt the same way. What Mr. Lox and I have is so real that everyone can see it. And everyone is excited to celebrate that.

So dear hive, I just needed you to know that. You all have been so supportive of me and my third wedding. But I know that sometimes people wonder why encore brides would have another wedding. Not just because of the planning, but in part because we’ve done it before already. And here is my answer.

Because it’s worth celebrating. Because when you find someone this special, the very least you can do is celebrate it. And for someone who has done it before, it takes more courage to commit again than it did the first time. In fact, please take my word for this… it is exponentially harder to commit each time. And because of that I had all but given up on love. I certainly never imagined I’d find this.

But I did. Somehow, through all of the mistakes we’ve made over the years, Mr. Lox and I found each other. And we’re together here and now. And from here on out, all that matters is this. Us. And we are so happy that a wedding is the very smallest way we could celebrate.

My girls were there with me on my day. We got ready together, in fact. And it was everything my first wedding wasn’t. It was perfect. And I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Now my dears, I promise the next word you hear from me will be my recaps kicking off. I hope you’re ready, because I know I am!


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