Loxed and Loaded: Setting the Mood

10 Jul

Yes, it’s true. My recaps are really starting. But before I talk about the days leading up to the wedding, before we dive into chaos and joy… I want to set the mood for you all.

I have a face like a muppet. Yeah, I’m just putting it right out there. And it is impossible to follow me around all day with a camera and not get some muppety goodness on film. But my muppet faces tell what I am choosing to believe is a charming story about our wedding day. So here are a few glimpses to help set the mood as the Lox recaps kick off.

All pictures in this post are courtesy of Chad Lippiatt Photo

Excited about getting readyExcited about being in the dress

Lips on sticks and crazy eyesIn my defense here, the photographer said to make a funny face…
Dancing!More dancing!
But don’t take my word (or face) for it. I believe the candid pictures of our guests tell the story of our day much better than my muppet face ever could. See for yourself.
Laughing guestBeaming guestGuests in love, dancingGuest having fun

See a theme? It’s happiness. Just complete and utter happiness. Laughter, smiles, and joy permeated our entire day. From the two of us, down to even the smallest children.

About a month after our wedding, I was catching up with a friend who was able to attend. She told me that while of course weddings are always happy occasions, Mr. Lox and I seemed even happier than most newly wedded couples. I told her that’s because we are.

So if I had to use just one word to describe our day, it would be joyful. There is simply no other way to describe it.
Can you describe your wedding (or any major event) with one word?

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