Loxed and Loaded: First, there was chaos

13 Jul

To really tell our story, I need to go back to the kick-off of the festivities… the day the Lox in-laws rolled into town. Or at least, should have…

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, I was determined that I would be calm when the time was near. I would relax, I would have my work done and passed to my DOC. I would be chill. I’m just cool like that, right?

Sure. If you believe that, there’s some land in Florida I’d like to sell you too. The truth was that just mere days before the wedding, I finally melted down. So here’s the unglamorous story about how the wedding festivities began.

It all started with the pie pops. I had this vision of pretty pretty pie lollipops shaped like hearts and each bearing a tag with a guest’s name and table number. Pie pops for escort cards! What could be sweeter? The vendor I had chosen for said pops had an auto responder on their Etsy convos, so I emailed like the message said to and waited. They got back to me and we ended up setting up the deal outside of Etsy. I told them the drop dead date for receiving my order was the Thursday before the wedding. And when Thursday came, the pie pops were nowhere to be found.

At roughly the same time as the pie pop debacle unfolded, we learned that FIL Lox had just missed his flight. For the second time. Yes, you read that…. he missed two flights that day. And we were unable to confirm whether or not MIL Lox had caught hers. And then there was the distinct lack of pie pops.

Oh hive, I cried. I called up Mr. Lox while he was out picking up his tux and I cried. Actually, right before I cried, Mr. Lox told me the tux pants were too long and had to be altered. But not to worry! He’d get them on Friday! Then, I cried. And Mr. Lox scrambled to make things right.

Mr. Lox was Superman that day. He ran to the mall and sent me pictures of Godiva truffles they had in the store. We found a neopolitan truffle that had pink drizzled on top. The lovely lady at the Godiva store even stuck a lollipop stick into the truffle to show Mr. Lox that I could still have things on sticks for the display I had planned. Mr. Lox walked out of there with 75 beautiful little truffles and ran to pick up his mother (who did in fact catch her flight) before bringing them home to me. After that, a quick tour through my craft supplies proved that I had more than enough treat bags and lollipop sticks to make this plan a go.

I spent the Thursday night before our wedding shoving lollipop sticks up truffle butts, then tying treat bags onto them with baker’s twine and name tags. The escort cards were SAVED!

The display, however, was another story all together. The basket I had purchased and lined with floral foam for our escort card display was tragically too small. But having had my quota of meltdowns for the day I gave up and said we’d just lay them on the escort card table, useless sticks and all.

The next morning as I was running errands, I stopped by Michaels and grabbed two large sheets of floral foam. I had no idea what would happen next, but I was going to McGyver those darn things into an escort card display if it killed me.

First I found some leftover tissue paper from the poms and leftover lollipop sticks. I used the lollipop sticks to bolt the two sheets together and then covered the seam with packing tape. Then I wrapped the (now one) sheet of floral foam in orange tissue paper. But there was a nasty seam around the edges. So I found some sheer orange ribbon I hadn’t used up and wrapped the entire edge of the sheet in that to cover the seams. But I could still see them. So divine intervention struck!

Remember these? The very first thing I DIYed and the only thing I never used? I did. So I pulled out those little flowers and stuck them to the front and the sides of the sheet. And it was good.

And it was really good that it was good, since I really needed a win right then. MIL Lox came over in the middle of the McGyver incident and just kind of watched in amazement as I pulled this thing together out of nowhere. And in the end, it was kinda cute, dontcha think?

Truffle Escort Card Display

Photo by Chad Lippiatt Photo. Names indelicately blurred by me for guest privacy.

The moral of the story is that at some point, a bridal breakdown is inevitable. Far cooler cucumbers than me have been broken. Have you had a bridal breakdown yet?

Miss a recap?

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