Loxed and Loaded: Hair and Makeup

24 Jul

I don’t have pictures of the days before the wedding. Which is actually not such a big deal, because we didn’t have a rehearsal or a rehearsal dinner. So we’re going to fast forward through that and land right on the morning of the wedding. It’s time to get ready!

The night before the wedding, Mr. Lox stayed in his father’s room. And in our suite I stayed with one of my oldest and dearest friends. We stayed together the night before my first wedding. We stayed together the night before her wedding three years ago. And that night we stayed together one last time. It was really sweet.

We got enough sleep and got up in time to grab breakfast before the troops arrived. When they did, I was totally ready for them. I had prosecco sangria in the fridge and one of my friends brought the perfect cups. We were on our way!

Prosecco & I Do cups!

Photo by Chad Lippiatt Photo

My dress was moved into the corner to avoid the clouds of hairspray that would soon be invading the room.

Dress & Hanger

Guest photo

And then we got down to business. Amy, my fantastic stylist got to work in my mother first while I watched. And then it was my turn.

Getting my hair done

Guest photo

My friends helpfully watched on while enjoying some sangria.

Friends looking on

Guest photo

While I was getting my hair done, my mother was having her makeup worked on. And after my hair was all finished up, it was time for my makeup.

Discussing our plan of attack

Guest photo

I should probably just go ahead and warn you… there are *a lot* of pictures of me with my mouth open. Please insert your joke of choice here. 😉 At one point, one of my friends complained because she couldn’t get a decent picture of me in which I wasn’t mid-sentence or making a stupid face. So yeah, I’m sorry. And I won’t apologize for it again.

Part of my day of makeup was a full set of false lashes. It was one of the strategies we decided on to keep my eyes from disappearing like they did in my trial. Apparently , I was mid-application when this one was snapped.

One lash on, one lash off

Photo by Chad Lippiatt Photo

While my makeup was getting done, my mother got some help into her dress, and then she didn’t know quite what to do with herself. There weren’t many spare seats in the room between my friends and I, and she was all done up and just killing time.

Mom all done up

Guest photo

It was a lot of people in one room. And I am not fond of crowds, and I certainly don’t find them relaxing. So with an extra person floating around all at odds, and the rest of us buzzing all over the place, I was getting a little edgy. Momma Lox politely asked if she should leave, hoping we’d ask her to stay. Unfortunately, I agreed with her and she was out the door and gone.

The truth is, it was less stressful for me that way. After the day though, I realized that meant she wasn’t there when I got my dress on. While I didn’t miss the extra body in the room, I think she felt bad about leaving. So yeah, I’m not always a super great daughter.

With the room down an occupant or two, we had some more sangria, and waited for the moment when the big white (ok, ivory!) dress would make its debut.

Did you do anything on your wedding day that you are less than proud of now?


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