Loxed and Loaded: Guys Get Gussied Up

10 Aug

While my makeup was getting finished up, obviously other things were happening too. Vendors were showing up on the scene and doing their thing… most notably my fantastic photographers. The snuck out of the room with my dress and me calling after them “Just don’t get it wet!” You see, there was a 70% chance of severe thunderstorms on our wedding day. So while you may think that is a random declaration, I assure you it made sense at the time.

They laughed and went off to get fantastic pictures like these.

All pictures by Chad Lippiatt Photo.

Dress on guest house porch from a distance

Closer shot of dress on porch

And my favorite… the ubiquitous hanger shot.

Dress on "forever" hanger

Yep, I still love that detail.

Speaking of things I love, I slipped into my crinoline to get ready for the biggest getting ready moment. But before we got there, my bouquet arrived!

Hooray for flowers!

You guys, I was really that excited about these flowers. Other than some scattered petals on tables and down the aisle, these were my only flowers on my wedding day. And I was so excited about them. I mean, you may have noticed. But look how pretty!

BouquetEven though I’d seen the bouquet the Friday before the wedding, I was beyond excited to be reunited with it again. And dearest hive, do you see anything there besides the flowers? Perhaps some tiny little charms? Yes, the hive was with me getting ready too. Did you think I could leave you all behind?

Anyway, while I was spinning around in my crinoline and clapping over my flowers, in the other guesthouse Mr. Lox and his father were getting ready. Actually, I’m quite sure they were sitting around doing nothing most of that time. But eventually they did show off for the photographers!

Classic tie straightening shot

Are your ears on straight?

For those of you wondering, Mr. Lox’s ears were, in fact, on straight.

Mr. Lox and his Dad

Mr. Lox and his father do not get to spend much time together since they live on different coasts. So I can’t imagine what this picture will mean to him. Once we put together parent albums that is. But that’s another post entirely.

Eventually Mr. Lox was all ready.

Mr. Lox all ready to go

Look at that boyish grin! But with Mr. Lox all dressed and ready to go, there was really just one thing left to do…

Miss a recap?


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