Loxed and Loaded: Dressed At Last

13 Aug

With Mr. Lox all dressed up and ready to go, it was finally time. Time to put on the most expensive garment I’ve ever owned, that is! With my mother out of the room, all that was left were my four dearest friends, the event coordinator from our venue, two photographers, and a videographer. I mean, you know, almost no one!

But seriously, all of the sudden the entire deal felt very real.

All pictures by Chad Lippiatt Photo.

Pulling the dress upIt’s kind of a weird feeling having about five pairs of hands making sure you look just right. But still exciting!

Yay dress!Oh muppet face, how we all have missed you. I couldn’t tell the story of getting my dress on without some muppety goodness from yours truly.

Bride never shuts upThis is another lovely shot of my bouquet and even my sparkly shoes make an appearance. But it also proves that I never shut up. And I wave my arms like a monkey. But I reserve the right to do so, seeing as I was the bride and all!

This next picture is hands down one of my favorites from the entire day. As we already saw, I have not only the built-in crinoline in my dress but I also wore a separate crinoline for extra volume. What that meant is that we had tons of layers of stuff under my dress that need straightening out. And nice you’re inside all of those layers of stuff, there is no way you can do it yourself. So the four most important women in my life, cheerfully got down on hands and knees to do what I couldn’t, and to help me on my wedding day. Of course, we couldn’t be serious while there were a ton of women crawling around on the floor around me with me holding up my skirt in the middle of all of that. We found it hilarious.

Dress fluffing!Eventually, that all got sorted.

Now, even though these four women were not my bridesmaids, they were every bit as supportive and helpful as any bridesmaid ever was. At some point, at least one of them came to dress fittings, helped with crafts, made emergency supply runs, went shopping with me, and listened to my ramble on and on about all things wedding. These are my girls, my rocks. And so even though I technically had no bridesmaids, I still got them all a gift.

Girls starting to opening gifts

Girls seeing gifts

Girls admiring gifts

They were necklaces, clearly. And either just before or just after I made this particular silly face, I told my favorite ladies that I had purchased the same one for myself. We all shared a lovely “Awwwww!” moment.

So now my dress was on, my girls were gifted, and it was just about time to go.

Did you give any special gifts before your wedding?


Miss a recap?


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