Loxed and Loaded: Our First Look

20 Aug

After the dress was on, the girls and I just chilled for a few minutes. I drank some water. And some prosecco sangria. And we all kind of just enjoyed the moment. As with the rest of the morning, no one was feeling particularly rushed or nervous. We were just hanging out and looking especially pretty, you know? We were having a blast and enjoying each other.

Then the event coordinator came back into the room to get me. It was time for our first look.

That’s when things got real. All of the sudden, everything seemed so fast. The year I’d spent planning was nothing. The awful week leading up to the wedding was forgotten. The hours we had just spent getting ready were just a blink of the eye. This was really happening.

We walked along the sidewalk to the main house. Then up the stairs. Then inside. The parlor doors were closed and I knew Mr. Lox was waiting behind them. Waiting for me.

Mr. Lox Waiting

I nervously asked if we were taking any pictures before I went in. That’s how we got this picture.

Before Our First LookThe doors were on the left of this picture. After taking a few shots, it was time to open them. I don’t even remember who did it, but someone grabbed the knob and eased them open.

I was nervous, but completely excited to see Mr. Lox. I was shaking a bit, and totally giddy as I snuck up behind him.

Here I Come

Just in case you were wondering, it’s really hard to be sneaky in a giant dress. It’s even harder to be sneaky in a giant dress with people madly snapping pictures and video of you from all angles. I can’t even imagine how this was going down in Mr. Lox’s head as I “crept” closer.

No really, I'm comingThat walk took forever and no time at all, all at once.

Just about thereAnd then, I was there. Mr. Lox slowly turned around.

Mr Lox Turns AroundAnd we saw each other all dolled up for the very first time.

And we see each otherI am so glad I will always have the picture of this look on Mr. Lox’s face. This entire process was only a few minutes, I’m fairly sure. But these pictures mean so much to me.


You can really see how happy we were to be together on our wedding day.

After this picture was taken, I fussed with Mr. Lox’s tie and then showed him the charms in my bouquet.We laughed a little. I cried for the first time that day, but definitely not the last. And we just enjoyed finally being together.

I know a first look isn’t the right decision for everyone. But being able to spend time with Mr. Lox and get these pictures was priceless to me. I’m not sorry we made this decision at all.

Eventually it was time to break up our happy reunion and go get some of the couple portraits I’d been dreaming of since we first saw our venue.

*All pictures in this post courtesy of  Chad Lippiatt Photo.

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