Loxed and Loaded: Don’t Mess with the Dress

7 Sep

With our first look complete, it was time to take the couples shots I had been dreaming of. There were some spots offsite that I had in my own sights, but I let the photographers choose the rest. So first off we took some shots on the front porch of the main mansion.

Far Away Mansion Shot

Okay, I seriously love the front of this mansion. I mean, how perfect is this? It looks like something out of a storybook to me.

Close Up on the Porch

After we finished playing on the steps, we headed around to the back of the mansion.

And we're walking...

Around back we found a nice hedge to serve as a backdrop and posed a little.

In Front of the Hedges

Then we spied the cute little bridge. Important fact about this next picture… just before we stepped onto the tiny little bridge, Mr. Lox said “Are you sure about this? I don’t want your dress to get dirty.” Pshaw! I scoffed at him! It’ll be fine. It’s just a little wood. It’ll be a cute picture! So onto the tiny little bridge we went.

On the Tiny Little Bridge

So surely you know what happened next. After a few pictures we moved off of the tiny little bridge, and Mr. Lox pointed down at my dress. “What’s that…?”

It was, of course, dirt. Dirt from the tiny little bridge. You sooooo saw that coming. I looked at it while pondering my options and then told the Chad and his wife that I needed our DOC, Diana. So someone went off in search of Diana and I tried to remember that I am a calm rational woman. It worked… for the most part.

Anyway, Diana came and so did the event coordinator at the Vandiver. After a few different products, I believe club soda won the day and got the dirt out. With the crisis averted, we went on to take more pictures… just not on the tiny little bridge!

Did you have a dress crisis on your big day?

*All pictures in this post courtesy of Chad Lippiatt Photo.

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