Loxed and Loaded: It’s the Little Things

13 Sep

One of the things that was important to me right from the start were the details of our day. Now, don’t get too excited… this is not the infamous detail post. (Although I do promise to do one!) But I do want to pause to look at the details that were actually on Mr. Lox and I. We (okay, I) spent a lot of time thinking about these and my photographer understood how important they were to me. So after my dress catastrophe was properly resolved, we paused to take pictures of the little things that made up our attire for the day.

First up was Mr. Lox… isn’t he handsome?

One hot husband

And, in case you couldn’t properly appreciate it from afar, a close up of Mr/ Lox’s details.

Mr. Lox's Close Up

Funny story about this look. I mean, it’s perfect right? It’s also wrong. I had ordered an orange bout for Mr. Lox so that he wouldn’t be too overwhelmed with pink. But, for whatever reason, the florist made a pink one instead. (And no, she had no idea what he was wearing.) The first thing I thought when I saw it was “That’s wrong!” I mean, I wasn’t upset, but it was wrong. The next thing I thought was “Well, there’s nothing I can do about it now.” Which was quickly followed by the obvious… “Besides, I think this might actually look better.”

Believe it or not, there were more than one of these little accidents throughout the day. And honestly, there is not one I remember as being an issue at all. I remember noticing, but not really thinking about it beyond that. And that’s one of the things I’m most grateful for about our day. That I was truly able to let go and just enjoy everything for what it was. I think it added to the sense of joy that surrounds my memories of it now too.

Anyway, back to the pictures! Next up was my jewelry, which I adore and am looking for excuses to wear again now. 🙂




So pretty!

But my favorite detail of my wedding day attire was hands down my bouquet. For some reason, I was entirely fascinated by this bouquet. I took very specific pictures to the florist and I dreamed of those deep pink peonies. Like seriously, dreamed of them. We probably paid more than is entirely reasonable for this one tiny piece of a wedding day look, but I loved it so madly that I can’t even regret that.

My gorgeous bouquet

Yep, it’s still perfect in my eyes. But my bouquet holds more than just those beautiful flowers. It also held my somethings old, new, borrowed, and blue. My old item is something I am sad to say you can’t see in any of the pictures. But it’s there. It is a small antique brooch that I borrowed from our very own Mrs. Pony. It was pinned in the middle of the ivory bow just at the base of the flowers. You’re going to have to take my word for that one though. My new item would be the ribbon itself, cut fresh off the ribbon spool just for my bouquet. My something borrowed was the bee charms nestled in my bouquet. Not only were they my piece of the hive, but they were also passed from bee to bee before and after me. The perfect something borrowed! My something blue is another charm nestled in the bouquet. It’s a blue pearl with a silver cap that has our wedding date stamped into it. The pearl charm is now something I can wear on my charm bracelet and keep a piece of our day with me.

And, because I love that bouquet just so much, here is another gorgeous shot of it. 🙂

Bouquet and a smile

So, if your wedding day has come and gone, what was your favorite detail of your ensemble? And if you’re still planning, what is it right now?

All pictures in this post courtesy of Chad Lippiatt Photo.

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