Loxed and Loaded: Safely to Shore

26 Sep

This next set of pictures is very near and dear to my heart. Ever since the first time we visited the Vandiver, I had dreams of pictures down by the lighthouse and the water. And when the weather forecast turned on us and threatened a 70% chance of severe thunderstorms, I was sure even my boots and my umbrella weren’t going to be enough to protect my dress. And since it was 100% silk, I had considerable fear of water stains.

But the morning came and the rain did not. In fact, as the day went on, the sun got stronger. Before it was too strong though, Mr. Lox and I piled into the photographer’s van and jetted down to the water.

Now, before we get to the pictures, let me share one thing with you. I know we all realize getting into a vehicle in an enormous dress won’t be simple. But getting into that van was more of a feat than I had really imagined it would be. There was a lot of grabbing and gathering and arms full of silk. Then I kind of had to strategically throw myself into the passenger seat. It was….. interesting.

But we made it. When we got there the lighthouse was all set up for another wedding. No matter though, they weren’t there yet so we skirted around their set up and started taking my much coveted lighthouse pictures.

All pictures by Chad Lippiatt Photo

The gorgeous lighthouse of my dreams

The sky, the water the lighthouse, even the birds… this is just what I had been imagining. I was so excited.

Canoodling by the lighthouse

I love the look on Mr.Lox’s face in that picture. In fact, I think the look on both of our faces really says something about how we were feeling in those moments and all day!

Artsy canoodlingI love the artsy lighthouse shot too. Mr. Lox and I debated which one of these to put on a canvas for our living room after the wedding. In the end? We went with the first one. So classy!

After the lighthouse shots, Chad spotted an awesome tree. I had no idea why he was so fascinated until I saw these pictures…

Beneath the Tree

So lovely. However, right about now I started to turn into a little bit of a grumpy bride. The wind started to kick up a bit off the water and my hair, well…. it started to *move*. I mean, the bangs did. In a very undesirable way. I protested and said we needed to wrap it up, but Chad kept saying “Just one more picture! One second!” We obliged. He snapped away and then announced we were done. So I hightailed it back to the van to get all bundled in again.

Want to see the result of that one last second that we stood still for the camera?

Epic Tree Shot

We now call that the epic tree picture. And yes, it was totally worth it. 🙂

Did any of your pictures surprise you? Did you have a location you couldn’t wait to see in photographs?

Miss a recap?


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