Loxed and Loaded: And we wait…

9 Oct

So our first look was over, and our couple pictures were taken. Now all we could do was wait.

I have to tell you, everything was still so surreal at this point. I felt like my brain was kind of packed in cotton. Everything was light and fuzzy around the edges, and I was just kind of flitting around, doing whatever I was told to do. At this point. someone must have told me to go back to the room, so I did.

When I got there, I found a few of my girls, still hanging out and eating snacks. When I came back in it was great to see them.

The girls helped me re-secure and straighten out my dress again. We also sprayed my errant hair back into place. What an operation! After that was all done, someone asked if I wanted to see Mr. Lox again before the ceremony. But I turned it down… I figured we had already had our first look, but we could at least build a little bit of anticipation. And so, we waited alone.

I took the opportunity to show off what a giant dork I am.

Playing with my phone

Don’t you kind of love how my dress has completely swallowed up the chair here? Learning to sit in these things is kind of an art form. I’m not sure I ever really mastered it either. But at least here I was just chilling out in private. And, you know, checking Facebook.

Still playing with the phone

So, I know this seems silly. But here’s the deal…. on a normal day, I am never apart from my phone. I’m sure that’s a horrid commentary on society or about me at the very least, but that’s how it is. However, on my wedding day, after this point, I left it in the room and never thought about it again. So don’t judge me too much for these few moments of guilty pleasure while we were relaxing.

One of my friends was trying to take pictures of me at this point, but apparently, I wouldn’t shut up long enough to get a decent one. She was kind enough to delete the ones that had my mouth open in true muppety form. Eventually, with my phone in one hand and a drink in the other, I managed to shut up for a hot second.

And that meant we could also get one last group shot together before the events kicked off for real.

Almost all of us

We weren’t the only ones waiting though. I was thrilled to see pictures from our family and friends during this same time. While I spent my last few single moments with my phone and my dearest friends, my guests were out waiting for us as well.

Patient children

The Bride's Helper

Funny story here. Obviously this is one of my girls. And you’ll remember that we did not have any bridal party at all. But, you see, I still needed someone to hold my bouquet during the ceremony. So I asked one of my friends to help out, and promised I’d reserve a seat for her so that she could sit right up front to grab my bouquet when I needed her. Well, that meant I needed to make a sign for her, but I had no idea what to call her! So you might be able to see, if you squint just right, that I was at a total loss and ended up calling her the “Bride’s Helper”. Maybe not the most elegant solution, but it got the job done. Kind of confused some of the guests, but they didn’t sit in her chair at least!

Our programs were having some fun while everyone waited too. I just love these next two pictures.

Program faces!

Fun fact – my goddaughter is hiding behind one of those programs. Love these girls!

Another program face

Another good friend’s baby girl. I think this little miss may have had the most fun of anyone at the entire wedding, and I totally love her for it. 🙂

But, as you all know, waiting eventually comes to an end. And so, the wait wasn’t very long. But that’s a story for the next post. 😉

How did you and your guests fill any down time on your wedding day?

*All photos in this post taken by guests.


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