Loxed and Loaded – Journey of a Lifetime

13 Nov

Dear Hive, it’s fitting I stopped where I did. Because right after the waiting, everything seemed to zoom into fast forward for me. As if it weren’t going fast enough already. In the next few moments, I wanted desperately to slow everything down and hit pause. Not because I didn’t want to proceed, but because I wanted to hold on to every moment of what was about to happen. Apparently I hit pause in my recaps to compensate. Sorry about that.

And so, with your permission (and my apologies) I’d like to hit play on the proceedings.

You see, eventually the waiting ended. Those few precious moments with my girls were over. The event coordinator came to pick me up and walked me to the main house where I met up with our very small processional party. There were hugs and tears. Mr. Lox’s father said something unbearably sweet. And in just another moment, we were lined up and ready to proceed. Everyone was waiting and one final song played for them before the processional.

All photos courtesy of Chad Lippiatt Photo

Ceremony space ready, guests waiting, all it needs is us.

I had so many doubts about using this space for our ceremony, but no choice. And yet, it turned out to be so beautiful. After this picture was taken, the music processional began and we started arriving at the place where our lives would change forever.

I stood at the back of the line up, straining to hear the music I’d so carefully selected, and watched everyone go out one by one. It was unexpectedly emotional for me…. and sweet. So very sweet. I was like a kid on Christmas morning, except also on the verge of tears the entire time.

First the officiant and Mr. Lox took their places.

Officiant and Mr. Lox entering the pavilion

And they arrive at the front

Next up, Mr.Lox’s parents made their way down the aisle. They are divorced but they still get along and they were both attending solo. So we asked if they’d like to go down the aisle together and they agreed. I think these images are especially sweet because they are together.

Mr. Lox's parents enter

Next up was my mother. I hear from my friends that she practically ran down the aisle. Luckily from where I stood, I was still all tied up in my emotional moment so I was entirely oblivious to any inappropriate speed walking down the aisle. 😉

Momma Lox running down the aisle

And then there was only me. Aerosmith faded to quiet and new music started up as I made my way to the opening of the pavilion.

As I approached the door, I couldn’t help thinking of how exciting this was. I managed to fight back my tears and capture the joy of what was about to happen.

Just about to make my entrance

The event coordinator stepped up and opened the doors for me. I took a few deep breaths and stepped inside. As everyone stood, I told myself to just breathe. And I looked up and concentrated ahead where Mr. Lox stood. For a moment, all of them melted away, and it was just me walking towards him. Just as it would be forever starting very soon.

Me, walking down the aisle

Take your time, I told myself. Chin up, I reminded myself. And smile. I was doing good. And then, just as I approached the back row of chairs, someone whispered loudly “She’s so gorgeous!” and I lost it. I was still smiling, but suddenly I was aware of everything. I was walking through a room full of our most beloved family and friends about to do this amazing thing. About to become a family with Mr. Lox forever. In fact, each step I took was propelling me forward, through these people, to do just that. Suddenly the room was so full of love. I was overcome. Overcome by happiness, by love, and by the knowledge that I am perhaps the luckiest person in the world to have the opportunity to feel all of that in this moment. My eyes filled with tears as I steadily walked forward.

And, finally, I reached the front of the room. Our friends and family took their seats. And Mr. Lox and I were ready to do this thing.

Let the ceremony begin

For you married ladies, what were you thinking as you walked towards your soon to be partner for life?

Miss a recap?


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