Loxed and Loaded: Surprise!

20 Nov

When we left off, Mr. Lox and I had just been presented for the first time in public, and I was making a crazy face because something awesome was about to happen and most people had no idea. The most planned moment in our wedding, even. And one of my very favorite things about our day. So here’s where it starts.

Presenting, the newlyweds!

Just after the officiant presented us for the first time in public, something happened that met people didn’t even notice. A single note rang out softly from somewhere in the crowd. Like a pitch pipe, if you will.

Meanwhile, everyone else was waiting for the recessional music to start, including Mr. Lox. I was trying to act cool. Then a bunch of people stood up. Some folks took that as a cue to stand for our trip out of the ceremony space. Some people were confused. The guests who stood up with this bunch quickly sat down… when the bunch started to sing.

A while ago, I talked to you about our recessional song. And I wasn’t telling a whopper. But the thing is, I knew that something else would happen first. Something I never told you about, just in case Mr. Lox peeked in here. Something I wanted to do as a surprise.

Have you all ever seen Love Actually? You see, it’s pretty much my favorite movie ever. Mr. Lox and I watch it every year around Christmas too. Partially to indulge me and partially because he also likes it a bit. And in the beginning of the movie, there’s this epic wedding scene with a surprise. Here, let me show you, just in case.

Now, I couldn’t afford to bury a whole orchestra in the seats at my wedding. So, instead a hid a group of a cappella singers in there. They sat quietly through the entire ceremony. And, right as we were presented as husband and wife, the Cleftomaniacs of UMBC stood up and made our very own epic wedding scene.


I never occurred to me that Mr. Lox wouldn’t catch on immediately. But it was a pretty overwhelming day, and it was an entirely unexpected moment. At first he had no idea what was going on.

Clueless Mr. Lox

I was clearly so proud of myself, but Mr. Lox was looking somewhat bewildered. Still, the Cleftomaniacs sang on.

Cleftomaniacs sing on

After probably about 30 seconds, Mr. Lox realized exactly what was happening.

Mr. Lox catches on

And then it was amazing. Our guests were surprised. The Cleftomaniacs seemed to have a great time doing this. The performance was fantastic (and they were a total dream to work with!). They were the perfect end to our ceremony. And they made a few moments that we will never forget.

Soaking in the moment

And all too soon, the song came to an end. The Cleftomaniacs sent us off in style and wished us well.


And with that, the music that Mr. Lox had always expected started to play, and we made our slightly delayed trip back down the aisle as husband and wife.

The real recessional

Do you too love the movie Love Actually? Have you ever considered a surprise for your spouse during the ceremony?

All pictures in this post by Chad Lippiatt Photo.

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