Loxed and Loaded: After the Ceremony

15 Jan

(New year, new goals… I may not make resolutions, but I AM going to finish these recaps. Scroll down to the bottom for some links if you need a refresher. 😉 )

After the ceremony, Mr. Lox and I were kind of in a daze. We went back through the mansion, out onto the porch, and then down to the little ill-fated gazebo where our ceremony wasn’t. But not before catching one sweet moment between the two of us.

Backlit Smooch!

Then to the gazebo for formal portraits! Do you remember why we had our we our wedding in the pavilion after planning all along to have it out by the gazebo? (Hint: It was the threat of rain.) Please to enjoy the irony while you view the next two pictures I pulled from our formal portraits.

Us with our parents

This one is us with my mother and Mr. Lox’s mother and father. and the next one is one formal shot of me with the four best girlfriends a girl could ever have.

Me and my lifelong friends

Honestly? This part was the most uncomfortable portion of our day. The sun was beating right down on us and it was HOT. While we were taking these pictures, I truly got a sunburn on my pale pale white shoulders. And in those moments I was supremely grateful that the weather had faked us out and forced us into the shade of the pavilion. Mother nature truly did us a good turn.

But what on earth were we going to do with our super cute umbrellas? Our photographers had an idea…

Us under umbrellas

Best part of that picture? The men in our lives being sneaky and looking on. After taking these in front of the mansion, we went around to the street next to it.

Loxes in the street

And then we went back to the ground behind the mansion, around the pavilion.

Ring shot!

What wedding is complete without a ring shot?

So sweet

Such a sweet picture of the two of us. After this, I had to call for my friends because I had a tiny little costume change to make. No no, I’m not changing my dress, but I had my sweet little lace bolero to put on! With a little help from my friends, we got it situated and then went on to take a few more pictures so we’d have some with the bolero on too.

Me and my flowers

This was probably one of my final bonding moments with my bouquet. You know, I really loved that thing. I mean, not as much as Mr.Lox, but probably an unreasonable amount nonetheless! After a few serious moments, it was obviously time to get silly. Our photographer Chad suggested we grab some of the photo booth props and have some fun.

Kissing with lips on sticks

In my defense, before Chad took the next one he did in fact tell us to make silly faces!

Silly faces with lips on sticks

And then more normal. Or as normal as one can be when holding lips on sticks. But I actually really love this picture. 😉

Lips on sticks!

Chad wasn’t done having good ideas though. Shortly after this he called us over and asked if we wanted to try something. Our guests were all still milling around towards the front of the mansion and on the front porch, enjoying cocktail hour. Chad wanted to know if we’d be game to gather them all on the porch and stand on the stairs in front of them for a giant group shot. Here’s a tip from me to you… (are you listening to me Foxy?) This was a *fantastic* idea. I love being able to see so many of our friends and family celebrating with us. I know we will cherish these pictures for a long long time.

Group shot

After these pictures were taken, our guests were rounded up and led into the fully prepared reception space back in the pavilion again. We hung back and sat down for a few precious moments in the front of the house, just enjoying each other and BEING MARRIED!

After we’d had our brief break, the event coordinator came back and led us back out to the pavilion for our grand entrance together.

*All pictures in this post courtesy of Chad Lippiatt Photo*

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