Loxed and Loaded: It’s a Beautiful Day!

17 Jan

After all the picture taking, we made our way back to the pavilion and waited for the magic signal. The event coordinator gave it to us (okay, she just told us to go) and we entered our reception to this.

(Cue that video to 55 seconds in and that’ll be exactly what we walked into.)

And it was a beautiful day indeed as we entered our reception.

Entering our reception

It was quite a sight. Finally the pavilion was arranged for the purpose for which I had always imagined it. And the room was full of our friends and family all on their feet looking at us and clapping.

MIL clapping

For about the 100th time that day, we were very aware of the love and support that surrounded us. I couldn’t concentrate on the details of the room. I had no idea if the centerpieces were arranged correctly. All I knew was that this little pavilion was full of so much love. It was almost overwhelming.

Getting to our seats

As we got to our seats, Mr. Lox and I sat down. Or rather, Mr. Lox sat down and I helplessly scooted my chair backwards with each attempt. Apparently I had failed to consider that a giant dress is not exactly simple to sit in! Each time I moved back, the dress inched the chair back. Finally I executed some kind of maneuver in which I managed to pull on the dress and tug the chair towards me that got me into the seat, just as the DJ announced it was time for my mother’s toast.

FInally sitting

Now since we had no bridal party, my mother was giving the one and only toast of the reception. I had asked her earlier in our planning if she wanted to and she said yes. So that honor was hers. As the DJ announced her, I looked up to realize that our guests hadn’t been given enough instruction and everyone was standing but us! Oh well, the toast went on.

Momma Lox giving her toast

I don’t know what I expected, but Momma Lox’s toast was 60 seconds at most. But it was sweet and I suppose the guests all appreciated her short-winded speech. After all, they were still on their feet! Everyone raised a glass and applauded her short but sweet toast and I got up to give her a hug.

Hugging Momma Lox

Everyone sat down, and finally Mr. Lox and I had a moment to take it all in… our beautiful reception. On our wedding day.

The Reception

Somewhere around this time, Mr. Lox and I looked at each other and wide kind of permanent grins got plastered all over our faces. I have this crystal clear memory of looking around the pavilion after the toast and thinking how perfect it all looked. It was like somehow, my vision had been really and honestly translated into real life. It was absolutely perfect. And I leaned over to tell Mr. Lox so.

But before I move on to the next chapter in our day, I should point out that sometime between that crystal clear memory I described and the picture above, dinner was served! Wanna see?

We had given guests a choice between herb crusted beef tenderloin with creamy horseradish…

Herb crusted beef tenderloin w/creamy horseradish

…and maple ginger glazed pacific wild salmon on a bed of pink Asian slaw.

Maple ginger glazed pacific wild salmon on a bed of pink Asian slaw

For the record, while both were excellent the beef was downright amazing. I mean, just in case you were wondering.

The food was now served and photographed, and our guests were happily enjoying their meals. Our photographers went off to catch a bite themselves and left us all to stop, and relax, and enjoy in slow motion before everything started to move again.

*All photos courtesy of Chad Lippiatt Photo*

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