Loxed and Loaded: Just get dancey

10 Jun

So, one of the more common fears I hear from brides is the fear that no one will dance at their reception. I am here to tell you, that if that happens? It’ll be okay. While we did have a little dancing at ours, the dance floor was not the busiest spot. And despite my fears leading up to the day, that was okay.

After our dance, the DJ cranked up “Raise Your Glass” by Pink and I made doe eyes at my girls. They are so good…. they hopped up and joined me, and we got the party started in style!

Yes, that is me raising my glass and singing along.

Sometime shortly after this, a couple of the guys started tossing around the pomanders from my centerpieces. Luckily, by this point I was all zen bride and just enjoying myself, so I looked at it and decided not to have a problem with it. The tissue paper pomanders especially started coming apart on the dance floor, littering it with tiny little tissue paper flowers. Now I know that is probably making some of you angry for me. But don’t be. The truth is, what was I going to do with 10 tissue paper pomanders after the wedding? And honestly, this is when the kids started really having fun, and the husbands too. And now they all remember it as one of the most fun weddings ever. So even looking back, I’m not mad. Turns out going with the flow was the right thing to do and I’m so glad I stayed calm about it.

If you can’t beat them? Join them!

So if folks weren’t dancing a bunch, what were they doing? Let me show you some alternatives…

Well, we already discussed the pomander action.

There was a lot of socializing and catching up with friends.

And for a while, we all watched this guy break dancing!

Okay, okay, but in all honesty, there was also some dancing.

I can no longer put my hands up… he put a ring on it!

And, just like it’s been since middle school, there was that one slow dance that got most couples out onto the floor. So for just a few minutes, we got a big warm fuzzy and pictures like these.

*All pictures courtesy of Chad Lippiatt Photo

Of course, dancing (or not dancing) was not the only activity at our reception. Next up, we’ll get a closer look at our awesome cake!

Are you afraid no one will dance at your reception?

Miss a recap?


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