Loxed and Loaded: How Sweet It Is

18 Jun

So, I have a confession. The drawback to writing recaps over a year after our wedding is that I have no idea what our cake cutting song was. I literally remember every other song selection we made… except this one. Mr. Lox says it’s his fault since he picked, and I’m willing to let that stand. I want to say we went with When I’m 64 but I won’t swear to it.

Having said that, I want to talk a bit about these pictures coming up. First of all, I madly loved our cake. Despite my traumatic cake past, and my unsuccessful first trial, our cake turned out to be everything we wanted. It was colorful, not too formal, and most importantly… it had adorable monkeys on top. I couldn’t imagine anything else being there on our wedding day.

Cake before the cutting

Now during planning, I had become obsessed with having a pretty pretty cake stand. I didn’t want the ones from our cake shop because they felt too formal, so I went on a hunt for the perfect stand. In the pictures, you;ll see a lovely white and yellow cake stand. Pay attention, because you won’t see it in any other photos since it was actually too wobbly to use throughout the entire reception. But in deference to my serious wish for this cake stand, they put the cake on t just before our cake cutting so it would be n the pictures. Which has hilariously led to pictures of either me, or the disembodied hand of the Vandiver’s event coordinator holding the cake stand for stability in almost all of the pictures. Go ahead, it’s really okay to laugh.

Now, moving along, we took the knife so sweetly provided by the Vandiver and decided to cut into our cake!


Right about now, it occurred to use that we actually had no idea how to cut the cake. We were both far too happy at this point to care so we just kind of took the knife and gave it our best shot. Our utter lack of a clue on what we’re doing will account for our faces in that picture though.

It is cut!

Check that out, two lovely cuts in our cake! Please note how incredibly parallel they are, without any angle at which they might make a point. You know, in order to make it a nice easy to remove slice. We have no idea how that slice was going to come out, but somehow we made it happen.

Removing the cake slice

We clearly felt like liberating the first slice of cake was a real accomplishment!

Yay cake!

Now, before our wedding day, I had lectured Mr. Lox fairly firmly. I paid god money to have my hair and makeup done, and my dress was hard to clean. So there would be no shenanigans with that first bit of cake. No mashing, throwing, smearing, or anything along those general lines. Lucky for me, Mr. Lox is ever the gentleman and he played very nicely, for my sake.

First bite of cake

Awwwww, so sweet

And with that, our cake cutting was over, and whatever song was playing in the background faded out. Cake was served all around and dancing (to some extent) resumed. Victory!


*All pictures courtesy of Chad Lippiatt Photo

PS – I asked Mr. Lox as I was writing this if he remembered what the song was. He did not. Did you put a lot of thought into your cake cutting song, unlike us?

Miss a recap?


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