Loxed and Loaded: The Fauxtobooth

2 Jul

Ever since the mount I saw Mrs. Pin Cushion’s fauxtobooth, I knew I needed one of my very own. I dreamed about the pictures we would have. I dragged Mr. Lox to home improvement stores. And my fauxtobooth was born.

Before I share these pictures (which I wholeheartedly love), let me say just a few words. Yes, we should have figured out how we were affixing the background to the frame beforehand. And yes, we probably should have had someone check up on this thing once in a while to ensure it was zoomed in properly (which it only was for like, 2 seconds) and to help people take their pictures or figure out the remote. But even still, it added a ton of fun to our day and left us with these memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Awwww, no props? I’m just glad my Godmother made it over there at all. 😉

These folks were especially peeved to have the only blurry photo of the night. In case you can’t read it, their sign says “Cut the cake!”

The bill for the wedding? 😉

See? Sad about the camera angle and the hinky background fabric. But who could ever be sad about having this awesome picture?

Proof our wedding was fun!

Now, let me tell you why that last photo is so very special to me. It is a recreation of the photo we took before our senior prom. Every one of these girls was in that pre-prom photo, and two of the guys were too! These people have been in my life for that long, and we’re still going strong. Knowing that they are still with me and seeing us together on my wedding day is priceless.

Are you having a photo booth of some kind? Are there any priceless shots you hope to get in there?

*All photos in this post are personal.

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