Loxed and Loaded: We did it!

10 Sep

We got married, we took pictures, we danced, we ate. While in some ways it seems like it was all a happy blur, on the other hand I know I was present in every moment. And I love being able to remember that all this time later.

However, all good things must come to an end, and eventually our party was drawing to a close. To echo my walk down the aisle, our final song was Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ as performed by the cast of Glee. I grabbed Mr. Lox and we tried to figure out how to dance to it.

Final dance


As we danced, our guests started trickling out of the pavilion and past our coordinator and her assistant who were holding the ribbon wands I’d made for just this moment. Each person who’d made it this far grabbed a wand and lined up outside the gazebo in the late Sunday afternoon sunshine. And eventually, the song was over, and we followed the path out to where they were all waiting for us.

And as we rounded the corner and stepped into the gazebo, there they were. Our friends and loved ones, still every bit as excited as we were and sending us off with love.

We came around the corner and there they were


And so we walked. We walked down the aisle for the very last time on our wedding day, still surrounded by joy and love.


We made our way down the aisle one last time


And as we made it nearly to the end of the aisle, we shared one last kiss full of the joy we were feeling that day.



Kiss more!


And that was it. It was the end of our day, but just the beginning of our love story. We did it!

We did it!


*All pictures courtesy of Chad Lippiatt Photo

This may be how our day ended, but it isn’t the end of what I want to tell you, dear hive. I still want to show you the details of our day, and our gorgeous video. So our ending isn’t quite yet.

How did or will your wedding day end?


Miss a recap?


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